In cooperation with Mac Georgia, Charity Foundation “Ai Ia” published an e-book for specialists and parents to support children with hearing loss.

The book describes the medical, technical, and psychoeducational methods of rehabilitation of hearing-impaired children, provides information about hearing aids, cochlear and brainstem implants, and characteristics of hearing prostheses for children, and discusses the auditory method of speech development.

The Georgian translation of the book by Ina Koroliova, doctor of Pedagogical and Psychological Sciences, and author of the auditory rehabilitation method, belongs to Tea Gochitashvili, audio-verbal therapist of the “AI IA” Foundation.

Consultants, Sofio Nadiradze, master of Communication, Language and Speech Therapy, head of the Mac Georgia program Mshoblis Skivri (Parent’s Chest), and Nino Lomidze, master of Clinical Neuropsychology and head of the department of psychologists of Mac Georgia, also worked on the book.

The project manager was Salome Barbakadze, Occupational Therapist, Consultant/advisor, and project development officer of Fund Ai Ia.

The book was integrated into the master’s course in Communication, Language, and Speech at the Ilia State University and was handed to the Iliauni library.

At the presentation, professionals working with children and people interested in the issue discussed the systemic challenges and resources surrounding children with hearing impairment.

The book was created within the framework of the winning project “Supporting Children with Hearing Impairment” in the competition announced by Mac Georgia as part of the small grant program.

The co-sponsor and implementer of the project are the Hearing Impaired Children Habilitation/Rehabilitation and Development Charitable Foundation “AI IA”, an investment holding, an essential foundation of the Smart Capital Group Social Responsibility. The partner of the project is “Kindsmena” company.

The “AI IA” Foundation held a presentation of the e-book “Supporting Children with Hearing Impairment” at the book house “Ligamus” on November 9, 2022.


See the book here: