Our Services

NPO of habilitation/rehabilitation of children with hearing loss and development charitable foundation “ai ia” serves 15 beneficiaries at 0-6 years of age, living in Tbilisi and eastern Georgian regions, the number can increase up to 20. Each of beneficiaries gets services of speech and listen therapists, special teacher and art therapist. The average visit duration is 90-95 minutes.

Activities of the experts:

Speech and Listen therapist – developing conventional moving reactions on the sound. Develop perceiving nonspeaking sounds and voices by hearing; perceiving syllables of the word by hearing. Naming simple, known words and perceiving by hearing, easy sentences. Guessing instrument voices and localize, guessing them. Speaking loudly, moderately and whispering. (100 voices from Medel), drawings, dolls, moulages, etc.

Art therapist – Developing sensomotion skills, phsycho-emotional growth. Creative skills, gross and fine motor skills – drawing, clay modelling, application.

Special teacher, social therapist – preacademic, cognitive skills, classification of subjects – differentiate the pictures by its features, inflicting the common names by the groups, connecting of graphic icons to the painted icons and to the words with one, two and three syllables. The social therapist questionnaires the parents.

Speech-language therapist – excercises for developing the voice and breathing. Vocalisation, voice imitations, loud and quiet sounds, working with the rythmical intonational structure.